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In our business, the word "social" is of great importance, in various ways. For example, we believe that a good workplace is characterized by the fact that there is room for employees to see and listen to each other. At m:CUB, we strive to get to know each other on a deeper level than just as professionals. We do this by exchanging thoughts, experiences and jokes.



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Our main area of competences is electrical end electronics, we are also working with mechatronics components. But along with this we also have plastic and metal knowledge in the company. We are always open for new competences to add to the ones we have today.


At m:Cub, we work hard to make our employees feel good and we currently have many satisfied customers. In fact, we believe that it goes hand in hand. Our companies belief is that those who value their staff also value their customers. The incredible focus and dedication that m:Cub has towards the employee’s means that we can feel secure in living up to what we promise, as put in words: inspired, competent and prosperous engineers who solve the challenges you face them. Get in touch with us and jump on the ride, you too!